My love for children and dance isn't what I do...
It's who I am
Lindi Connally,
Owner Sonripend Steps
All camps run from June 19th to June 20th
10:00 - 11:30Litte Steps Sing Camp
1:00 - 2:30K-2nd Grade Dance Camp
3:00 - 4:303rd-5th Grade Dance Camp
5:00 - 6:306th-8th Grade Dance Camp
7:00 - 8:309th-12th Grade Dance Camp
May my steps be worship
May my thoughts be praise
May my words bring honor to His name

Tuition and Costs
Tuition: $50.00 per month
Each additional class the same student is enrolled in is $25.00/month
Admin and venue fee 50.00 at time of registration
Costume fees vary by class
Custom themed parties for children ages 3 through 10. Standard parties are 2 hours long. Cost is $100.00 dollars plus $10.00 charge per guest. Call for details.